Monday, August 4, 2014

The Art in You

The Art In You


The Art in You is 50-minute (plus debrief) fast-paced project. Students see different paintings(varied schools), draw an illustration based on one of the pieces, and  show and tell each other about their drawings. One drawing is used in a collaborative endeavor. Teacher gets all drawings, numbers them and puts the drawings aside. One number is withdrawn from a box, and the corresponding illustration will be scanned and projected on the floor. Children get together to cover the drawing with objects that are displayed nearby. When ready, a picture is taken and the result is posted on a site with a brief explanation about the original painting, the inspiration, etc.

This project uses the idea behind the artist Vik Muniz`s process of creation

What do students learn?

Students learn about different pieces of art, and that art is meant to be understood from a very personal perspective.
Students also learn that waste is only waste when we throw it away. Bottles, old hoses, yam, and rope can be used to make art.

What we give you:

The facilitators guide (a step-by-step guide with talking points to run the activity)
[Print two-sided 8"x11" or 11"x17", one per facilitator]
Download file "Wallet Facilitators Guide2012.pdf"

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